Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make an appointment at GP or Ultrasound?

The easiest and fastest is to order by phone : +420 241 402 623, +420 222 766 111 or e - mail at :

What are the ordering periods for examination?

  • Dates of each appointment depends on the workload of individual medical offices.
  • Ultrasound examination is usually performed in a very short time if STATIM than it´s performed during office hours. the same day as requested.
  • GP appointment can be booked in 2 weeks. Urgent health problems are cured every day during 1st two working hours without booking – please see the GP office hours.

Where can you find us ?

MS Medical is in Prague 4, Hradeckých 1604/1 street, the ground, near the metro line C - Pražského povstání

How do I become a client of MS Medical Ltd. ?

It´s really easy:

  • You have to make a registration at our GP
  • you can use the services of the MS Medical as an employee of the company, which we provide preventive care
  • you can purchase one of our health programs
  • when one-time visit to our medical offiice

Dou I have to pay for MS Medical Ltd. services ?

As our registered patient all the treatment and the doctor indicated the examination nehradíte, are covered by health insurance. Our company also offers a range of premium services. These include a guaranteed time of admission to the doctor (the minimum waiting time, minimum reorder period), the organization of the follow-up examination with regard to the maximum comfort of the patient. You can choose from our menu of programs. For more information please see the section Individual care or

Why preventative breast ultrasound ?

Only a few woman is going on a preventive breast examination without fear, I mean, breast cancer is the most common cancer of middle-aged women. Thanks to the improvement of the quality of diagnosis and the introduction of regular screening, however, in the Czech republic has been increasing the proportion of minimal tumors at 35 - 45 %, and in recent years the curve of mortality is decreasing. Especially in the case of patients under 35 years with a well-certifies ultrasound examination.

Is the ultrasonographic examination of the breast paid by the health insurance ?

On the ultrasound examination in our office can come to any woman who is interested in preventive checkup breast. Women younger than 45 years (this age category is not part of the screening programme in the Czech republic) the examination shall be borne by themselves - a complete ultrasound examination for 600,- Czk, but if it is on the ULTRASOUND scans recommend their gynecologist, general practitioner or another specialist of a medical reason, the examination shall be paid from their health insurance.

What is a company preventive care ?

It's health care, which in cooperation with the employer to ensure the health of the device. The care of the health at work become the duty of employers, which is not already assigned to the race doctor, but who must enter into a contract with a medical facility for the performance of preventive care.

Why is performed preventive care ?

It is the prevention of damage to the health of workers by influence of the work, improve their health status, improve, or maintain medical fitness to work and long-term maintenance of working capacity.

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