Preventive Care for Companies

Company preventive health care care that is provided by us in cooperation with the employer.

The statutory obligation to provide preventive care for their employees that each employer is given by § 40 of Act No. 20/1966 Coll . About Health Care , as amended.

Racing preventive care does not replace the curative and preventive care for your registered doctor . According to Law No. 20/1966 about the health of people, as amended, allows citizens the choice of doctor , clinical psychologist and medical devices. Choice does not apply to preventive care.

Every organization , regardless of how many employees are contractually obliged to provide its employees preventive care. Racing preventive care ( as defined in Decree . Ministry of Foreign Affairs No. 145/1988 Coll. On the Convention on Occupational Health Services / No. 161 / ) provides , in collaboration with the employer , including the prevention of health workers from occupational diseases and other health impairments from work and injury prevention.

We will implement mandatory input, periodic , output , abnormal and subsequent medical examinations to assess medical fitness in accordance with obligations under the relevant regulations. Preventive medical examinations performed in the minimum extent required or can offer tours to expand if required employer.

As part of preventive care also provide immunization against communicable diseases ( influenza , hepatitis , etc. ).

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