Ultrasonographic examination

What is it ?

Ultrasound, ultrasound correctly (sometimes also called ultrasound only), examination of modern imaging is a noninvasive method of instrument that uses ultrasonic waves reflected from various body tissues. Typically used to probe the frequency range 2-10 MHz.

Ultrasonographic device

Our facility is equipped with modern and high quality Japanese ultrasonic device HITACHI ARIETTA 850 SE with spectral and color Doppler mapping, equipped with multifrequency convex, linear and phase-controlled probe meets all the parameters asked for in the present diagnostic ultrasound examinations. This device was a new put into operation in 2019.

Scope of ultrasound examination

Ultrasonographic examinations are provided in full field of 809
(Radiology and Imaging) examination including vascular Doppler signal.

Examination of abdominal organs

  • liver, gallbladder and biliary tract (including function tests), pancreas, spleen, retroperitoneum
  • kidneys, urinary bladder (including functional tests - residual capacity)
  • examination of thin bowel loops (Crohn's disease, etc.), appendix, mesentery
  • organs of small pelvis (transabdominal approach) - the uterus and ovaries in women, prostate and seminal vesicles in males
  • Doppler examination of the portal bloodstream, renal arteries, major abdominal blood vessels, etc.

Examination of superficial soft tissue

  • thyroid gland, parathyroid glands, salivary glands, the nadklíčkové
  • breast, axilla
  • joints (fluid, neonatal hip joints, etc.), tendons (Achilles, etc.)
  • bodies of the scrotum in men
  • eye and orbit in special indications
  • Various palpable swelling in the skin, subcutaneous tissue and muscle (hematomas, inflammations, tumors, etc.)

Examination of veins and arteries

  • neck arteries (carotid, vertebral arteries, etc.)
  • vessels of the lower and upper extremities (arterial and venous system)
  • abdominal veins (portal bloodstream, renal arteries, the large abdominal vessels, etc.)

Special examination in infancy

  • testing for hypertrophic pyloric stenosis, gastroesophageal reflux in
  • hip

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